After working with Marvel Studios on 'Ms Marvel', Framestore returned to follow up with another meticulously crafted animated design sequence in feature film 'The Marvels'.
The animated hand-drawn adventures of Kamala was one of the most popular highlights of the Marvel Studios’ 'Ms. Marvel' TV series, so it was fitting that Framestore reawakened this sequence in 'The Marvels' feature film. Led by Creative Director, Ian Spendloff, Framestore’s Design team set about creating a breakout 2D animation sequence, which sees protagonist Kamala Khan’s artwork come to life and animate out across the pages of her sketchbooks.
Client : Marvel Studios
Animation: Framestore
Head Creative: Ian Spendloff
Executive Producer: Niamh O’Donohoe
Senior Producer: Lucy Hare
Lead Designer: David Lochhead
Line Producer: Hong Yane Wang
Production Co-ordinator: Emma Simpson
Artists: Daniella Marsh, Julien Van Wallendael, Suzanne Jandu, Niki Ryans, Matthew Collins
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