UPDATE: Our work on Ms Marvel has been awarded an EMMY for Outstanding Motion Design. woop. Congrats and thanks to everyone that worked on the show.
Ian Spendloff was the Head Creative on a series of animated sequences for the Disney+ show Ms Marvel.
Ian directed a range of beautifully bespoke animations, peppered across the show. The animations are mostly hand drawn cel animation, and are integrated into the live action in fun and unexpected ways.
The shows main character, Kamala Khan (aka Ms Marvel! ) is a keen artist, and her unique drawing style was created specifically for the show by Ian, and brought to life by Framestore London's team of animators and illustrators. 
Ian also directed the full CG opening sequence, using a unique blend of our 2D illustrated characters in a 3D/stop motion environment. 
Ms Marvel Ian Spendloff
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