A series of animated storybook sequences for the film Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. A storybook structure was used in the CG sequences which top and tail the film as well as serve as narrative bridges for important parts of its story which revolves around the family of eccentric toy-maker extraordinaire Jeronicus Jangle. ‘We wanted these storybook sequences to be told in a way that Jeronicus the toy maker would tell them, something that would reflect his character; playful, inventive, different,’ says Ian. ‘So I came up with the idea of a miniature mechanical, clockwork world all contained within the actual book itself. Tiny hand crafted wooden versions of the film's characters, playing out scenes in tiny little mechanised sets that self-assembled.’
Ian Directed the sequences, as well as storyboarding and designing all the characters and sets, earning him a Best Design award at the 2022 British Animation Awards.
Read more about the project here: framestore.com/jingle-jangle
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